Wood Bending

Monks of Auchendale & Wood Bending

Dieties: Closely worship both Vitosa, the patron goddess of Auchendale, and Some also Terros the god of earth.

Please note that earthbending and woodbending are NOT the same. The priests and culture of Auchendale revolves around distinctly WOOD bending. Some monks practice earthbending as well… with separate mechanics.

Habitat: Most monks of Auchendale live aesthetic lifestyles on the fringes of civilization in the auchendale forest.

Quantity: The monks of auchendale are an offshoot. They are not numerous

Relations: The Monks of Auchendale share a close relationship with the Priests of Auchendale. They come into town for events paying homage and tribute to Vitosa.
Wood Bending: While the priests of auchendale may channel divine energy coupled with their own energy into the wood of the land to make their beautiful works of wood… the Monks practice a slightly different technique. Often seen sweating, as they focus all of their intent and chi into their piece of wood that they are working. They set the wooden piece at the center of the ritual and practice beautiful katas shaping the wood. For many, this is a morning meditation ritual.

Signature Work: While the priests of Vitosa wood bend in fine intricate detail, the monks bend in beautiful flowing patterns. The bent wood resembles flowing air or water. The priests cause the wood to grow… increasing the mass in some areas, whereby the monks cause the wood to bend… shaping but never growing the mass of the object. Both forms are beautiful, and please the goddess, but they are distinctly different.

Monks of Vitosa can bend hardwood into any monk weapon that they have proficiency with… including shurikiens.

1st level: Once per day, a Priest or Monk of Vitosa can spend a minimum of 1 hour bending wood. Performing an intricate kata and channeling chi essense or divine essence directly into the wood. This allows them to shape 5 Lbs per level of wood into desired rough shape. They do not gain any more mass by spending additional time, but every additional hour spent adds +2 to their roll. The character can form the wood into weapon or armor grade by shaping ½ of the wood for shaping a basic shape. The character can also affect ½ allowable wood to shape greater detail into the wood. the The character can and often will return to the same piece of wood day after day. See Culture below.

Skill: Monks of Auchendale begin with 1 free point in skill: Profession Woodbending, and this is treated as a class skill.

2 Lbs of Wood: DC 11 for level 1… DC11 for level 2
3 Lbs of Wood: DC 12 for level 1… DC 11 for level 2
To find wood hard enough to be made into a hardwood weapon or piece of armor, a survival DC 15 check must be made and must be in a woodland area. If successful, the player can roll 1d20 for succesding and +1d20 for every additional 5 successes over the DC that they succeeded. The character finds this much usable hardwood.

5 Lb rough statuette: Level 1 would take 1 days / 1 hour worth of wood bending
2.5 Lbs detailed statuette: Level 1 would take 1 day / 1 hour worth of wood bending
To create a dagger… a level 1 character could create 2x 1 lb normal weapon grade dagger in 1 hour.

To create a breastplate weighing 30 LBs, a level 1 character would need to spend 6 hours over 6 days crafting the basic form. Then another 6 days refining the mass to make it armor grade.
Alternate uses: can be cast on living wood to shape or grow at a greater rate, however the character must pass a DC 10 with +1 to his roll for every monk or priest level
Culture: Many monks will form and reform the same piece of wood in an effort to perfect their discipline. They may shape a block into a perfectly balanced spear, and then back again, for example. Repeating the pattern over and over.

Selling Wooden Wares: While selling woodbended weapons and armor to vendors may be feasible, most priests and monks frown on such affairs. They seek to use their gifts to pay homage to their dieties and to channel into their disciplines / faith.
Using woodbent weapons and armor: The woodbenders are proficient with the items that they craft so long as their characters are proficient with the base weapon. Non woodbenders find themselves at a slight disadvantage as the weight and build of these weapons are a bit different than their iron counterparts. They take a -2 penalty to rolls for 1d4 days as they are getting used to this variant.

Higher Level Items and Rare Components:
Higher level woodbenders can use their gifts to bend more powerful items using components such as darkwood and ironwood. These items can be as good as masterwork or +1 magical quality. Benders must be at least level 5 for this and the details will be spelled out at a later time.

Example DCs: (optional system… not sure if will implement a DC.)

Skill: Monks of Auchendale begin with 1 free point in skill: Profession Woodbending, and this is treated as a class skill.
The DC of bending wood is 10 for 1 Lb per level, and +1 for every addional lb. per level.
2 Lbs of Wood: DC 11 for level 1… DC11 for level 2
3 Lbs of Wood: DC 12 for level 1… DC 11 for level 2
5 Lbs of Wood: DC 15 for level 1… DC 13 for level 2
10 Lbs of Wood: Impossible for level 1… DC 15 for level 2

Wood Bending

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