Wild Gnome Kunagi

Weapon: Wild Gnome Kutangi

Description: Combine a dash of primitive shortstaff, with a dash of slingshot, with a dash of Gnomish wackiness and you will get a Wild Gnome Kutangi. Wild Gnomes (Also called forest gnomes) are proficient with these weapons by default.
A wildly shaped shaft of wood splits to a Y at the top. Cradled in the middle of the split at the top is a grapefruit sized Rock. There are chords that wrap around the rock like a net, and connect at a point near each end of the split, allowing the rock to swing between the split, freely as the weapon moves

Used first as a melee weapon, the wild gnomes swing the Kutangi, gaining momentum in the rock as it strikes bludgeoning blows against opponents.

The Kutangi can also be used as a ranged weapon. The weapon must be used with 2 hands, or at least a hand free enough to pull the chord to release the mechanism holding the rock in the net before releasing. The rock is then flung forward, striking enemies with great force. Unlike a sling, the Kutangi rock is spun rapidly in small circles to gain momentum before flinging.

Base Weapon for melee: Club

1d8 Damage when rock is attacked (Sized to 1d6 for Small creatures)
1d6 Damage when rock is gone (Sized to 1d4 for Small Creatures)

Base weapon for ranged:
1d8 Damage sling, ranged 20ft (Sized to 1d6 for Small creatures)

Enhanced Melee – for a (background? Feat?) Characters can use the Kutangi in other ways. Wild gnomes coat the chords that wrap around the rock with wild saps and pollens, causing the enemy, if hit, to suffer additional effects.

Craft – Craft Herbalism is needed to craft the weapons powders and saps.

Yellow Itch Pollen of the Yentifluzi flower – The subject’s skin begins to itch uncontrollably, giving them a -1 to all casting rolls rolls for 3 rounds and -2 for rolls that involve speaking coherently

Red Spice pollen of the juma flower petal – The subjects eyes begin to feel painful and start to water uncontrollably as their sinuses also swell, giving them a -1 to all attack rolls for 3 rounds and -3 for vision based perception checks.
Forgetful pollen of the Silk Lilly – The subject forgets everything that it was doing for a few moments after inhaling or ingesting this pollen, giving them -2 to all rolls for 1 turn


GM Note to players
Interested in this cool weapon but feel like it would not be worth it to specialize in it because you wouldn’t be able to use other magical weapons as well? Don’t worry… we may be coming across some special versions of this funny little beast of a weapon if we have party member(s) wielding it.

Jay- Leaving this here so you’ll see it. Halfling Sling Staff

BJ- The Kutangi is already a feat for non-gnomes (exotic Weapon prof) I would handle this in the same manner the other Named Weapons are. It is considered a martial weapon for the race to which it belongs. For other races it would be an exotic weapon prof. Anything that the weapon is capable of doing anyone trained (Proficient) with it can do those thing.

AS to BJ – yep – good beedback… the general populus of the wild gnomes do not all use the Kunagi with sap and pollen… its a specialty thing. The base weapon is in line with other racial weapons like the orc double axe or the gnome pick hammer… the extra feat is a way of giving balance to the enhanced features… think of it as a feat that allows poisoning normal weapons.

Wild Gnome Kunagi

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