Found on the Silverleaf trees that grow in rare locations in the Sevelle region. Tal’Mornos druids have been blessed with the power to enchant the leaves. A Keeper of the Tal’Mornos can cast a 0 level orison spell to turn the leaves into a magical tracking aid. the Tal’Mornos keepers say a prayer to Vitosa, enfusing the leaves with magical essence of the goddess, allowing the leaves to give off a pale glow. This glow is enough to provide dim light at 3". Not enough to see with by far but enough to read a book with if you strew the leaves on the page.

Each leaf provides a +5 to a survival role to follow tracks in natural terrain.

Use Magic Device DC 15
Tal’mornos keepers have a natural +10 to use Silverleaf, and can use magic device untrained.

On 2/13 Raina Breezedancer gave Dominic 4 leaves (4 uses) to help track the source of the strange occurrences in the area.


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