The island of Oohwatai is located in the northwestern portion of the main continent, in the sea between the Crucible and the mainland. The island is very tropical, with large trees and plenty of wildlife. It is also the home of the Wild Gnomes, the only humanoid indigenous species of the island. They are a very tribal people, with most of the villages around the perimeter of the island. The have very little contact with the outside world, limited to the 2-3 trade ships that make port there each season and the occasional field expedition coming to study the wildlife of the island.

They survive with and off of the land, hunting the local wild animals, fishing, and basic crop growing. The gnomes tend to stay to the edges of the island because of some of the more dangerous predators that live toward the center of the island.

Being a tribal people, the Wild Gnomes worship nature and various tribal totems devoted to the elements. Many of their rituals and customs involve animal personas or offerings. They are a very curious and musical people, and as such have some of the most unique music known. Primal drums, flutes, and other instruments, as well as their unique language make the performances of these people a sight see. They are not hostile to outsiders, but their limited knowledge of common languages can make communication difficult. But those that mistake the Wild Gnomes as a soft race can often be surprised by their savage nature. Their hunting groups are deadly, as these gnomes have learned to protect themselves from the more violent creatures on their island.

There are many ruins on this island, mostly undistributed except for the occasional research party that decides to visit the island. These parties usually take a few of the local gnomes with them, both to act as guides and help them avoid some of the more vicious predators that inhabit the island.


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