To best understand the deities of Knembadj, we start by understanding where they came from. The deities were created to be the extension of the primordials will… and essentially their arms and legs in the world.


Here is an outline of the timeline of the world and where dieties came to be:

I. The Age of Creation – The primordials created the existence of our plane, and at the tail end, started raising the gods to help them govern the world and the race therein. The gods walked the earth and were teachers, guides, and shapers of the ancient world.

2. The Age of Dragons – The dragons were the primordials’ vessels of war against each other. They laid waste to much of the land. The gods played a part in this war. some choosing a side between one primordial or the other… some only working to protect creation

3. The Shattering – In an epic climax of the scorching of the world in the age of dragons, the primordials rose up against each other and caused the shattering. Severing the gods ability to physically walk the planet.
4. The Re-Creation. With the physical absence of the primordials and the gods… other influences came into the world. Arcane magic and the Fey wilds had impact on shaping the world. Shaping new races and even some of the land
5. The age of the returned Gods. As time went on… and hundreds and thousands of years passed, The veil between the plane of the gods and the plane of Knembadj lessened. At first they were only able to enter as inspirations in peoples minds… but as time went on they were able to more directly work with invidivuals and civilizations. Granting them powers to use. They are still not able to walk the earth but they have the ability to deeply inspire their followers and grant magic as well as send messengers through the barrier in the form of angels.
In this age the gods worked closely with individual civilizations. City states with certain patron gods adopted unique approaches at advancing their civilization. Some through military prowess, some through unique magic bestowed upon them by their dieties.

The current pantheon of deities is under construction. I have a desire to make a simplified pantheon of gods that is easy to understand. Perhaps a god for each major elemental and creationary / distructionary force.
The Trinity

Aquea – (Pronounced ah-KWEE-ah) water
Pyros – Fire
Aeros – Air
Terros – Earth
Vitos – Life
Mortos – Death
Legemos – Order
Chaus – Chaos
These are not final but gives you an idea of where I would like to go with these.


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