The Primordial Origins of Knembadj (Lore)

In the beginning, the world was created by the great primordials. The only beings in the universe with the raw power to create existing out of nothingness… and to turn existence into nothingness. For millenia, the primordials created. Bohemar focused on harmony and light, and order, whereas Sazlanar focused on chaos, instinct, and destruction.

In their duality they created the world we now know of Knembadj, and they created the pantheon of what we now know as the gods. They would raise their children… these gods through the process of guiding this world. Bohemar and Sazlanar focused all of ther eneries raising up this world, but Sazlanar grew jealous. Bohemar would also rule the heavens while Sazlanar would rule the underworld. the companion he had in his brother had become obsessed with investing into the world of Hanath. More and more he longed for his duality to be reflected but felt alone. feling tossed aside, he grew more and more interested in expanding his levels of distruction. He morphed the life of the world into powerful dragons that scorched the land. Bohemar responded with dragons of his own to stand for strength and justice He even started to threaten the existence of the world itself. in a mighty battle Behemar and Sazlanar manifested and fought over the survival or destruction of Hanath

The Shattering
In the climax of their great battle, Bohemar made one final decisive strike in desperation to save the creation. He immortalized himself and his primordial brother indefinately into the substantial world. This event known as the shattering killed most of the dragons, and fractured the world itself. the southern 1/3 of the world was raptured and broken off the world the debris floated into space what stayed in the gravitational pull became the wondrous rings of the moon that circles Hanath.

Both Bohemar and Sazlanar now bound to this world… but no one in the world knows how.

The geography of the world is now physically affected due to this shattering. The region in which Bohemar is immortalized has turned into a massive mountain range in the north. The mountains spring certain rivers that provide the river of life that has the power to heal wounds

The southmost part of the world, at a bit of a lopsided angle has a chunk of earth missing. the earth meets an abrupt, sheer canyon at the end of it that goes straight down into the earth fire and magma pool and burn brightly, never seeming to cool there. it is magically fuelled

The age of Primordials, and of dragons had very low magic, however technology advanced and there was even firearms and steam technology – now lost to most since the shattering.

The age of primordials, and then the age of dragons ended with the shattering. civilizations lie in ruin, and the races of hanath would now have to find its way with the dragons now cleared away, and the now parentless gods to guide them

And so… the children of the primordials, the pantheon of gods rose up to guide the people of the world. Many of which took close guidance to the city states that worship them.

Since the shattering there was also the introduction of magic as the fabric between worlds had been weakened. In some areas, the fabric was so weakened that the fey from the fey wilds… creations from other primordials were able to influence the world. They created the elves, and the forest gnomes as well as the mountain gnomes.

The Primordial Origins of Knembadj (Lore)

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