Special woods from the old temple

3/23 The other aspect to crafting the wood items will be TIME. There are 3 mid level Priests that can make masterwork gear as their highest gear that they can craft. 3 top priests can make +1 and higher gear including any gear that would have a shard or elemental core embedded into it… The high priest believes that he and his high priests time is far to valuable and that they need to focus on reconstructing a worship place. they would need to be convinced if they were to need to change their minds to spend thier efforts crafting your gear.

Mid level priests will bend at 1 unit per day, 2 high priests at 2 units per day, highest priest at 3 units per day.

3/22 Glim searched his bag and found 2 Kunagis! Wait! thats not a Kunagi its another tree beast limb! (you have 18 units.)

3/19 Post Session Loot Information

In order to keep the session time more exciting, here are the details for the loot that you guys pulled out of the old Temple

1. You have 18 “units” worth of rare wood components. These

  • 4 units of Darkwood (same as ironwood below, but adds the light weight properties of Darkwood
  • 1 unit of Waterwood (worth 75GP each in town, worth significantly more to an aquan buyer.)
  • 13 units of Ironwood

*Costs for Masterwork (Base Level) *

  • 1h weapon = 1 unit (3 units for a +1)
  • 2h weapon = 2 units (4 units for a +1)
  • Bow = 2 units (4 units for a +1)
  • Shield = 2 units (4 units for a +1)
  • Light Armor = 3 units (5 units for a +1)
  • Med Armor = 4 units (6 units for a +1)
  • Heavy Armor = 5 Units (7 units for a +1)

Positive Energy Elemental Heart
- once per day cast a channel energy spell maximized
- cast a spell on the necklace that triggers if you fall unconscious.

Gravity Elemental Heart
Can be Added to a crafted item by the wood benders or other weaponsmiths specializing in shard fuzing.

  • Melee Weapon: to add +2 to hit OR +2 to damage as it can make it heavier or lighter (must choose at crafting time)
    *Ranged Weapon: Permanently adds the effects of Gravity Bow to projectiles fired from it
  • Armor: Treat as +1 armor with the added benefit of darkwood (lighter, armor check penalty reduced by 2)

Small Life Shard
Carrying the Life shard heals 1d4 damage anytime the wearer is struck by an enemy. Combining it into armor heals 1d4 damage anytime the caster is struck, and does equal radiant damage to the attacker. Wearer can also channel a healing ray into his allies, healing 2d4 healing damage. 2/day
Can be bent into wood by the benders. if made into a weapon, the weapon gains a 5/day ability to cast 2d6 radiant damage, ranged touch attack. The ray does DOUBLE DAMAGE to outsiders not from the material plane. This effect replaced the carried effect.
(((<this life shard power is a draft… I may update before next session but it will be finalized by session start)))

Special woods from the old temple

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