The Druids of Knembadj

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The druidic groups of Knembadj are those who are called by the gods to keep and protect the planet itself. Favoring times of peace, the druids of Knembadj will also fight ferociously if the balance of nature is threatened. This document is designed to help explain the druidic culture and how it’s organized.

Each Druidic Tribe functions as its own clan of sorts. They may have a similar geographic area that they live in. Most live in small groups harmonizing with the element that they align with…

There are exceptions to this. For example the druids of the wind typically live near windy mountain passes… however they are known to work with the other branches of the greater druidic order acting as swift messengers especially in urgent times of conflict.

Each Druidic group sees the other members of their order as close kin.. and the other group as cousins. some closer than others. For example the Fire and Stone druids near the volcano near Auchendale correspond regularly, whereas others are more distant

Each Druidic group has a leader typically an elder with great power and who is particularly gifted by their god… they can be male or female and they are all represented in the greater druidic order.

The greater druidic order gathers based on the lunar calendar and is roughly twice per year. The greater druidic order is headed by the overall head of the order entirely. The choosing of such leader is said to be done by the gods, but is also backed up practically by voting by the other leaders. there is typically not a change in leadership unless there is a death… or an understood omen / message from the gods to make such a change.

Ceremonies –
Coming of Age
Each young druid up for the test must visit each clan inorder to assist them. Each Clan then provides some information about their clan and gives a gift that would be used for the ceremony.
Beasts clan – leather garb.
Plant clan – provides herbs
Earth clan – Stone dagger
Fire clan – bon fire
Water clan – Purified water
Air clan – spell words to the deities.

The ceremony is a huge spectacle as each druid has a unique encounter. even those of the same clan have had different experiences. The young druid must take the stone dagger and spill their blood into the herbs collected that are then thrown on the bon fire.
They happen
period of morning then every clan has specific rites that sometimes over lap.
Spring festival –
(believed good luck upon the tribe if rain during)
Fall harvest,
Solar Equinox,
Lunar Equinox,

Ranks within the Clan
0 – Circle Initiate
1 – “First Circle Keeper Keeper”
2 – “Second Circle Keeper”
3 – “Third Circle Keeper”
4 – “Fourth Circle Keeper”
5 – “Fifth Circle Keeper (these are like the vice – elders)”
6 – Elder Keeper (Part of the druidic order of elders. top rank within the group)

99 – Grand Elder Keeper (top dog of all the orders)

Advancement of Circle Rank
Need information

Types of Druid Clans
Below is a table depicting the type different types of druids that live in the world of Knembadj.

Type & Name
Adjectives / Description

Passionate, hot tempered, chaotic. Believe in survival of the fittest


Wise. Healing. Disciplined. Accepting


Stubborn. Strong physically. Strong willed. Even tempered.


Agile. Dancers. Charismatic. Swift.

Mysterious. Not talkative. Cautious of outsiders. Illusion oriented.


Primal. Feral. Ferocious

Justice. City Relations. Legal stance on ways to treat the wilds.
Day patrol

Scouts. Nimble. Darkvision. Casters
Night patrol
Creation (plants)

Peaceful. Healing. Tranquil. Harmonious.
Farmer/ herblists/ gathering

Below is a Map entailing some of Knembadj’s Druidic tribe locations.
Dominik is apart of the Tal’Mornos Tribe in the Auchendale area.
(Tal’Mornos Translates to blackfoot as they tread on the black ash of the volcano when it blew hundreds of years ago.)

The Druids of Knembadj

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