Raitor - The Dark City of Thunder and Steel

Overview: A large holy city of industry, hidden away in a mountain valley. Covered in steel, the city is ancient with a long history that descends deep into its iron mines.

Six things about Raitor:

The Thundering Dark: A dark and powerful thunderstorm eternally rages over the city, bringing wind and rain. Automatons handle outdoor work and most thoroughfares are covered or protected. This marvel of nature is thought to be a blessing from Ferrotun himself.

The Grand Armory and the Steel Raiment: The government of Raitor is a religious meritocracy. The Steel Raiment is a wide-spread Paladin sect that acts as all the main government sectors. They live as a caste within the Grand Armory, a large industrial complex / holy temple. The Paladin’s armor is fashioned to resemble the image of Ferrotun from clerical holy texts.

Ubiquitous Steel: From out of the vast Iron Deeps beneath the city, swathes of iron ore is mined and processed into steel. The reagent is coke, which is separately processed from coal that is imported from the east. The metal pervades all aspects of society, and is the primary industry.

The Irons Deeps: The streets of Raitor are only the upper levels of a vast network of Iron Mines. The uppermost levels are as much of the city as the surface itself. However, the Deeps have been mined for centuries, and run far beneath the earth. Many tunnels have been opened and closed due to breaches into unknown chambers. Mysterious creatures have known to have stalked the tunnels, and the Steel Raiment has a division dedicated to patrolling the more populous areas.

Mount Ferro: Raitor sits in a valley right on the southern slope of Mount Ferro, a dormant volcano. Parts of the Iron Deeps tap into the lava tubes for obsidian, and deeper forays fuel the magma forges. The mountainside itself is perilous below the Thundering Dark, but stories of ancient ruins above the storm line are a pervasive rumor.

The Black Hammer: A rogue holy sect whose name comes from their founder’s weapon, a hammer blackened by lightning. Many years ago, worship of Ferrotun splintered into two factions after a high ranking Paladin was struck by lightning through his hammer and claimed to have a holy vision. His vision was heretical to the current order but the circumstances of him receiving it were so profound that he managed to gather many followers. What followed was a brief but bloody schism. The heretics were eventually routed and the remains retreated into the deepest depths of the Iron Deeps. It would take many years for the Raiment to scour the Deeps for them, so they were forced to let the matter rest. Every so often a terrorist appears out of the Deeps claiming to herald the return the Black Hammer, causing much damage before being subdued.

Raitor - The Dark City of Thunder and Steel

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