Large Port Cities

Scale: Village > Town > City > Metropolis. Each can be small medium and large. the Metropolis is the largest and is only one size.

Please see the below cities on the Colorized Map on the Maps Page

Xerscia (Large City)

  • Port City – Trade with western world
  • Run by Humans Lots of foreigners
  • Strong military presence
  • Backdrop – the crucible… Jedi city. Wilderness between the crucible and Xerscia
  • Lawful Neutral… leans lawful good
  • Smaller seedy underbelly

Keigh (Large City)

  • Port City – Heavy trade with inner sea
  • Run by Humans
  • Merchant Guilds Run the City
  • Higher class area
  • Seedy underbelly throughout

Anopus (Medium to Large City)

  • Port City, transitions to a lot of land and river trade routes for the region
  • Run by shrewd, Dwarven merchants… bubble up under a monarch.
  • There are other races here.
  • High class area
  • Crafting city as well

Large Port Cities

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