Dominic Flashback - The Fiery Beast Initiation

As the visage of the Duergar Spell Caster flades away in a burst of blue and purple flames, you are brought back in your mind to a different time.
It The details feel as close as they were yesterday. It is night.

Hear the sacredr ythmic chanting, energy is building
Can feel the heat of the bonfire growing hotter and hotter on your face, and you see strands of colored flames starting to weave in with the fire. Some red, some blue, some purple, some an unusual and bright white. The fire feels like it is teasing your face with its heat and also feels like it is flickering at your soul.
You smell the small of herbs and magical concoctions that have been added to the fire… filling your nose with their pungent aroma.

Hear the sounds of ritual chanting
Nervous, feel the tightening in the back of your throat as you gulp down

(This section can be roleplayed in first person)

- Above you you see the alignment of the ringed moon of Knembadj with the Star of the earth Mother. This event happens only once a year

- The druids have naturally grouped with what seem to be similarly gifted druids. A group to your right has bright reds and yellows woven into their fabrics and they are excited. chanting loudly. Druids of the wind element dance free flowing to your left.

- At first, a boy of 15.. Rupert… you know him… steps in to inner circle of stones around the fire. He stands before the fire… he sits… and waits… nothing changes… “Tula Venthrasa!” A loud voice shouts. You’ve heard this before… “When you age once more.” Rogerio would not ascend into his druidic journey today. Disapointed, his head hung low he saluted and departed from the circle

- Next a boy of 17 approached… Sasao was next. He approached, and kneeled. He waited.. and waited…. And then a pillar of flame erupted… consuming Sasao and the entire inner circle. Slowly the flame got smaller, and smaller until you could see Sasao. He was figting to contain the power of the flame within his own spirit… it was flaring up and around him. His body seemed unscathed but his spirit seemed to be fighting with all of its might to overcome. After a wrestline further… The Fire erupted out of his palms and mouth and eyes… and left him…. The bonfire lessoned in intensity as well. “Tula Barendios” When you grow in strength once more.

- Next… it was Dominics turn…. Nervous… he approached. Knelt like the others… this time the entirety of the fire left the wood on which it was burning and moved wildly to the ground in front of Dominick. It coalesced into a beast. And snarled and bared its teeth wildly.

- Dominic rose up… eyes wide…. He took a step back with 1 foot and put his hands up in front of him… ready for armed combat. He and the beast wrestled briefly…. Never making it onto the ground… seeming satisfied with Dominicks physical strength…. The beast dove past Dominicks hands and moved into his chest.

- A similar struggle to Sasao ensued… after about 2 minutes… Dominick roared… beastly his hands and legs becoming more and more feral looking as he bent over and took the form of the beast himself. He roared once again into the moon…. Victorious…. He stood back up… slowly turning back to human form….. and the beastial spirit quickly whooshed away from him back into the fire as the bonfire began glowing again

- The druids of the beast cheered… they gained a new prospective brother that day

Dominic Flashback - The Fiery Beast Initiation

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