Session 9 - knowledge of the fae hole

  • issues with base of operations at the drunken unicorn.
  • proceeded to get a song and statue for Rodley Shovelfoot
  • got weapons and armors prepped.
  • gained info from Renko about the shard
  • Orianna talked to Pott and Milo about the Fae
  • Slanme neutral
  • Frosk, want to take over the world
  • and Aemnemii – want to play (milo and potts belong)
  • prince Xin ’oq ( Prince of the Furies)
  • went on border patrol
  • found mayor’s daughter Sunny and returned here

AS: Nice work Mark, please take a point of inspiration for the nice recap. I added some hyperlinks to the characters for ya.


artieshau imaginarymark

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