Session 8 - The New Lake Auchendale

  • Met a talking door guarding shard of chaos.
  • Continued onward to shard of life and come back later for the shard of chaos.
  • Majere ignored the pulsating light in front of the alter and grabbed the shard of life awaking a light element who downed Majere.
  • Light elemental summoned lessor lighting elemental
  • Gadoot revived Majere who most definitely ran away understandably.
  • The rest of the party defeated both elementals while Majere tired to recover and heal himself from the massive blow the monster rained down upon his head.
  • Room started to fall apart.
  • went back to talking Door room.
  • Met King of the fairies Fae Prince whom vowed to rip Dom a new fey hole.
  • Gravity elemental appeared.
  • Defeated elemental and escaped crumbling temple.
  • Emerged by the waterfall outside of Auchendale.
  • Entered City Huge crater where temples stood.
  • Mayor inquired as to what happened.
  • Convinced that we’ll debrief him After sleep
  • Majere got Glimm drunk and convinced Glimm to take the shard of life to the monks.


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