Session 5- Journey to the Wind Whisperer

  • Began 4.5 day hike to see Shula the “Fatewhisper”
  • Terry stayed behind to watch cave
  • Recaps broke free and began chasing Terry
  • Terry manages to escape back to Auchendale
  • Other party encounters Large Praying mantis and shoos it away
  • Met with Shula the fate whisper.
  • Told that a shard of power can close the portal.using Vitosa – Placeholder Sei ra ra
  • Fixed Shula’s house.
  • Terry get’s drunks and trips for 17 hours while standing guard on the wall
  • Wakes up pantless in Ta’an’s yards and stole the pants off the entire halfing clan.
  • fixes hole and arrives in Auchendale early morning.
  • Met Ta’an and was told Jax disappeared.
  • headed to look for shard of power
  • Solved Vertosa riddle to find the first temple.
  • Mayor blessed party before entering Old temple. (4 mins)
  • Entered worship room and met guardian (obdula) and crafting the spear of vertosia

Quote of the night “Gremlins coming out of a fae hole”


artieshau artieshau

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