Session 4 - Following the Redcaps

  • Jax and Ta’an ran off after Milo and Pott, Pott being a wood dragon
  • There was a monk in the caravan that introduced himself to you. (Majere)
  • Met the mayors of Brookdale, quibbling Dwarf and Halfling mayors
  • Discovered that the halfling farmsteads were hit
  • Met up with new mysterious caster in the Inn (Terry)
  • Found a small redcap in the first farmstead
  • Lead you to a contingent of Redcaps devouring villagers in the next farmstead
  • Tracked the redcaps back to thier place of origin using Dom’s silverleaf
  • found a portal to what appears to be another plane in caves at the base of the volcano
  • peeked into volcano and faces melted
  • narrowly escaped the cave, sealing the tunnel best the party could with earth bending
  • G’Dot Receives a vision – blinded – go see the wind whisperer!


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