Session 3 - The Road to Brookdale

  • Finished Meeting with Chamath & messengers
  • Decided to go to Brookdale instead of the Tal’Mornos Druids
  • Glim and Raina scouted toward Tal’Dako while everyone else went to help Brookdale
  • Rainbow invited you to be residents at the Drunken Unicorn
  • Met the ghost of Rowley Shovelfoot in the tunnels dug out of the Drunken Unicorn basement
  • Declined joining the crimson fist
  • Bar Fight with the crimson fist.
  • DOUBLE NAT 20 from GA-DD00-T… converting a Crimson Fist goon to be his friend.
  • Went off with the caravan… were ambushed by bats and worms… foaming at the mouth
  • Heard giggling in the trees
  • Made it to good stopping point, made camp, set honey out for the perceived Pixies
  • Met the Pixies Milo and Pott, got some information, Pixies felt threatened and Pott turned into a massive dragon. They are backing away defensively / territoriality.

Glim’s Scouting:
With a heavy heart, Glim took his friend’s advice and scouted ahead with Raina Breezedancer.

Glim and Raina set out towards Tal’Dako. Glim tried to get to know his new friend, but she did not seem to like talking. Glim tried telling stories of his hunts on Oohwatai, or singing songs, but she only seemed focused on getting to Tal’Dako. After an hour or so of travel and trying to make conversation, Glim and Raina stopped to take in their surrounding and rest for a moment. They heard the sound of giggling in the distance, as well as moving water. As they ventured toward the water to refill their containers and investigate the giggling, Raina spotted a Unicorn. She motioned Glim to stay low and out of sight as she approached. Before Raina could enter the clearing however, a pair of dire wolves leapt from the forest and bolted towards the unicorn. These dire wolves seemed rabid, almost frenzied. They attacked the unicorn, seemingly ignoring Raina and Glim. Raina sprang into action, and with a well timed shot from Glim’s Kunagi, the wolves were killed. The unicorn seemed to thank Raina before bolting off into the forest. The rest of the day passed, and Glim slowly began to wear Raina down with his conversation, singing, and general inquisitive nature.

That evening, when they had camped for the night, Raina finally spoke with Glim. She told him of her worries for her fellow druids and how very old she found Glim, never having seen a Wild Gnome before. Glim told her of this family and tribe on Oohwatai, of his hunts with his brother Fromar, and of his fateful encounter with Alterminos and the Dragon hoard. He even showed Raina his amulet he found on that journey. Raina seemed to almost smile as she saw Glim in his natural excitement and curiosity.

The next morning, Glim and Raina continued their journey towards Tal’Dako, but not long after they began, they encountered another pack of feral dire wolves devouring a few poor deer. They managed to avoid being noticed by these wolves, but Raina was worried about their presence, so she and Glim decided track these wolves and see where they were coming from. After watching and following them for what seemed to be hours, they came upon what appeared to be a large underground cave entrance in the forest. The wolves seemed to be eyeing the entrance to the cave. Glim could almost feel a presence in the cave, and Raina seemed to be uneasy as well. The wolves began approaching the cave, when all of a sudden a loud roar came from the cave followed by a stream of acid. The acid tagged two of the wolves, half melting them as they fell to the ground. The rest of the wolves ran away and Glim and Raina almost swore they saw a green dragon in the cave.

As they backed away from the cave, Raina and Glim heard more giggling in the distance. When they had cleared the cave, they felt the ground begin to shake. In the distance, they saw an earthmaw worm erupt from the ground and swallow a boar. They followed the trail of this worm, always hearing that same strange giggling in the distance just ahead of them. Glim swore he could see the leaves and branches of the trees ahead of them moving as they follow the worms trail, but he never saw anything. After following the worm’s trail for awhile, they see a walking trail torn apart and a great beast that appears to have been horribly skinned. Following the trail forward some more, Raina and Glim come across the last thing they were expecting, the rest of the party.


artieshau draconswan

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