Session 1 - First day in Auchendale

Swarming Rotunga, Violin playing Mayor, and Kidnapped Rainbow, Oh My!

- Rotunga OpeningEncounter (Flying beasts)
- Meeting with Mayor Chamath Nicklewood
- Brief tour around town
- One hell of a pary at the Drunken Unicorn
- Kidnapped Rainbow
- Tracked the Duregar to a hidden underground entrance just on the edge of town
- Bested a few traps
- Fought your way through the stalagmite room
- found a living quarters and saw a visage of a Duergar in robes threatening to deal with you himself!

Day 1 – From Jax’s perspective

          Why do these people need such large houses? Jax thought to himself. Jax had just arrived in Auchendale only a few hours before. It took a while to get through the town gate; Jax doesn’t have papers. Hell, he had never been to a place so large before. If not for the letter he found asking for help, Jax would never have been allowed in. They still did not trust him, the gate guard assigned him an escort to the mayor’s house.

          The walk through Achendale was a sight to hold. There were buildings made of stone that were taller than the trees and the trees were twice as tall then the tree near the waste. His escort was two members of the guard, Biggs and Wedge. They were talking to one another about the problems that have been bothering the city. Though they did not get into details it was clear to Jax that something was putting this town on edge. Biggs points out a smaller building compared to some of the other buildings but still very large compared to the small mud huts from his old village. “This is the drunken Unicorn, the mayor has put up the people coming at his request here. Do you need to drop off your stuff and change into something a little more…” Biggs trailed off and looked to Wedge who finished his sentence “comfortable.”

          “No. I’m fine.” Jax looked down to his side to see his dog Rosa. She was smelling the ground, her ears were pinned back looking around. Rosa smells something that is making her uncomfortable. Rose has been this way for the last day, since the town had come into view. Jax rubbed Rose on her head and gave a little whistle. The two of them followed Biggs and Wedge again.

          The mayor’s house was larger than most of the other buildings. The front door was made of a single piece of wood that was twice as tall as Jax and twice as wide. Being inside these buildings makes Jax uncomfortable. To avoid going in right away Jax takes a last look at the sky. The sun was out this morning but clouds have rolled in, making the sky match the mood of the people in Achendale.

          Jax thanked his escort as they made their way back to their posts. Jax stood staring at the door for a minute or two. He noticed an odd man standing by the door, this man was in full armor from head to toe. It would make sense the mayor had armed guards but this man wasn’t armed with anything. He was also not moving. Jax walked up the stairs towards the man with his letter in hand. “Hello,” Jax started. “Is this where I should be?”

          The man turn his head toward Jax, the eyes from his helm had an odd glow. “Greeting: Hello. Answer: Yes.” The man said. His speech was odd. “Exciting Greeting: Hello! I am Gardening Automaton Damien Deckard type zero zero Trimming specialization.”

          It was then that Jax noticed the gaping hole in this man’s chest. Inside the hole was a rock, and other things Jax could not explain. GA-DD00-T explained what he was. Jax still did not understand fully but was ok with that for now.

          Another small man approached with wild eyes and claws, followed shortly after a woman that was more exotic and beautify than any he has ever seen. Then a man with a large beast of some kind and an elf, no he was human but with an elven parent. The man with the beast introduced himself as Dominik. This man smells of the trees and earth. Rosa liked him, her ears perked up a bit at his approach. She did not care for the little man with wild eyes. Something about him smelled funny.

          Dominik walked up the steps just past Jax, his beast eyed Jax wearily, Dominik opened the large door and gave everyone there a gesture to enter. Orianne, the pretty women entered first, followed by the short man Glim, Jax, Gardening Automaton Damien Deckard type zero zero Trimming specialization, then the half-elf and Dominik.

          Just inside the door the room was large and lit by many candles. At the sound of the door opening another small man approached and greeted Dominik with familiarity. “Dominik, thanks for coming. Madam Orianne your presence is welcome here. Please follow me this way, The Mayor is in his office.” The group started down a hallway, Jax notice the faint sound of music coming from the last door at the end of the hall. The little man opened the door and let everyone walk in before he enter and closed the door behind himself.

          The mayor was sitting on a chair with his back towards the group. He was face towards a large window playing an instrument of wood and string that set delicately on his shoulder, held in place by his chin. The mayor did not stop playing at the sound of the door opening or closing. Nor did he stop when the little man walk in front of him. It was clear the mayor was playing with his eyes closed. He was lost in the music his body slightly swaying with the rhythm of his movement as the long stick glided across the strings. The little man cleared his throat to get the mayor’s attention. “Sir, they are here.” The mayor’s hand slowed as he ended his song, leaving everyone guessing if that is where it turely ended or just where he stopped.

          “Ah yes. Thank you.” The mayor greeting the group. The little man ran off as the mayor got up. The mayor introduced himself and invited everyone to follow him. He had a meal prepared for everyone.

          The meal was good. Jax ate very little, but handed down some meat from his plate to Rosa when he saw Dominik doing the same for his beast. The mayor explain what was happening in the area and why there needed help. It was here that the little man ran into the room and shouted, “Mayor hide, they’re attacking. The entire clan.”

          Dominik and the half-elf stood up. Dominik said only one word before running out with his weapons drawn, “Rotunga”. The half-elf was right behind him and jax just on the half-elf’s heels.

          The battle was intense. These winged-beast where just wreaking havoc for the sake of chaos. I’ve seen pack attacks before by other animals before, there is team work and a plan of some kind. These things just attack anything that moved. They remind of a the creatures that lived in the mountains that separated The Wastes from the Wild Jungles near the ocean.

          Jax was pulled from his thoughts at the sigh of a Rotunga that was larger than the rest by a lot. It was the sight of this thing that spurred the protector within. The large beast-man thing was perched atop a building. It was preparing for something. Something that was coming.

          Jax ran, he had to someone get to the top of that building and fast. Just on the side of the building were a stack of large crates. These crates did not reach to the top of the build but it may be enough to get up there. Jax jumped on to the top of the lower stack and then the next stack, the last stack. With all his might he leaped towards the big man-beast in hopes to knock him to the ground below. Jax come up a bit short to tackle him down, but was able to land a blow to the chest with his scizore.

          It wasn’t enough. The thing lest loose the power he was gathering. Jax felt it wash over him, clouding his mind and trying to take over his mind. The worst kind of magic. It was affected a few a the other guys helping him. Rage filled Jax full of hate. Jax grab the thing by its head and slash with his scizore. The head and the body of this thing separated. The power creeping into his mind let go.

          From on top of the building, with the head in hand Jax let out a howl the channels the bears that he wears. The other things fled once they realized their leader had fallen.

Day 1 – Glim’s thoughts

          This village very strange. Huts look like trees, but feel very different than home. Lots of smells, lots of people! *click click* Glim want to find friend. Glim misses friend.

          Glim meet many new and strange people today. First see large man covered in bear, like bear eating man but man not harmed. Then pretty lady, large metal man, and a few others! Very exciting *whoop click* Meet man called may-ore? Seem like he is chief of this village. He makes pretty music with very strange instrument! Glim like this instrument. Glim tell man of missing friend and strange paper. Glim not read the best, but Glim know this letter told friend to come here.

          Strange flying things attack village. Reminds Glim of mating season of flying *click graw monkey click*. Very aggressive during this time, often attack village for food. This things seem different, but Glim protect village the same. Large man was very scary, attacking patriarch and keeping its head! Glim like this man, he seem strong! Glim think he will follow this man until he find friend.

          After fight, Glim and new friends go to place called tav-run? Not sure about place, but has tasty drink and warm fire! Glim got to dance after victory! Pretty lady even joined in and danced with Glim! Mean halfling say mean things to Glim. Glim had a bit to drink, so Glim not control rage as well! Gilm attacked halfling, but scary man break up fight. Gave Glim drink, Glim like, and nap next to fire *grunt-purr*

          Glim wakes up in strange room because bar man(?) shouting outside! Glim see scary man jump out window in underpants, Glim follow! We follow strange dwarves into tunnel, glim attack dwarves with kunagi, scary man attack dwarves with underpants! It was fun, but Glim was tired!

Day 1 – GA-DD00-T

Eagerly: Why yes, I would be ecstatic to tell you what happened! I am so glad you asked! This will be great practice in “relating” with others!"

Genuine Curiosity: Are you this Bard fellow I’ve heard about? Are you going to sing a song about me? I heard that’s what you types do.”

Proudly: I was delivered directly to the Mayor’s house just as the caravan was ordered to. I was unpacked by a very nice human. After I introduced myself he decided to take a nap right there on the floor! Strange fellow. It took some wandering in the halls until I found a rightly bizarre group of fellows on the way to a meeting with the Mayor! There was this big, pointy man, Jax, I think he called himself. There was this small, twitchy thing calling itself Glim. I hope I do not step on it. I would get quite upset! A female too, was there, Orianne. Wherever she walked, someone had their eyes on her. Did they think she was a thief?”

Confused: Oh, you already know them? Then let’s get right to the point!”

Continuing: The Mayor was playing an instrument, whose name I can’t remember. That was the man I saw in my vision. There, in that room! I stood near the door, out of the way while he was describing what had been happening to Auchendale-”

Annoyed: You just want to hear about the attack? You should have said so! No need to interrupt!”

Continuing: I heard all sorts of noises coming from outside. Everyone else took this rather badly, I think, as they all rushed out the door. Maybe something was wrong, so I followed them. Outside, there were things flying in the air!”

GA-DD00-T waves his arms, imitating wings

“Everyone else jumped right in and slew a few of them. Even that fair lady! Something in me was telling me to help too, but ‘what could I do’? I thought. I saw a man on the ground, dying. Something in me told me run to him. So I did. I used my power to heal him, as I was taught. Some of my new friends were injured too, and they got what they needed as well. Then there was this horn noise and all the flying things left.”

Chastising rebuttal: Well I’m sorry you didn’t find that interesting. Perhaps what happened at the bar would interest you?”

Verbosely: We all met at a bar. I’ve never met at a bar, so I stood by the door. Lots of people came up to me, and I introduced myself as one should: Gardening Automaton- Damien Deckard type 00 – Trimming Specialization. Everyone said that was too long. The Knights back home often called me “Godot” so when I suggested it to one of the short humans he seemed to like it. That woman Orianne drew her own crowd with these strange motions of hers. Like this."

GA-DD00-T bizarrely gyrates its body and limbs. It knocks several things off the table in the attempt.

“Oh! Sorry. Things got rather raucous when Glim and that same really short human starting fighting among themselves! Lots of the townspeople came into the building to watch. Or so they told me later.”

Suspiciously specific denial: Of course I watched the whole thing! Any accusations of hedge trimming are mere allegation.”

Continuing: That night became especially exciting when my new flesh-friends jumped out the windows of their rooms in the inn. I was internally reviewing what I had learned that day when Twitchy-Glim beckoned me and the others out into the street and down the road. ‘Something new?’ I thought to myself as we followed. Eventually we followed some hairy short humans into a mine-”

Short tempered rejoinder: Of course I know what a mine is! Back home that is the work of one of several automaton models! The nerve!”

Exasperated conclusion: The cave part was not interesting. We followed the trail for a while, Scary-Jax taught me how to step over this weird wire thing, and on a bridge over pointy stalagmites we traded blows with our enemies. As I slowly plodded on the floor my flesh-friends slew them at range. Scary-Jax with his undergarments! Humans are a strange, strange breed.”

Confused: Why did you tear up your notes? Where are you going? Oh, you’ll be right back? Okay.”

Several hours pass. GA-DD00-T stands silently as the bar empties.

Worried Inquiry: Hello?”


OMG I love you guys for these entries… soo good… all 3 of em!

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